"I have never had an experience like this one!"


Sunday 30th September 2012

Fellow Members, Hi

I've just joined but I am not new to Delicas; I've just purchased my third and that's the reason I'm making this post. I want to describe my 5 Star experience in that purchase. You may have heard of the dealer, Nagoya Motors at Caringbah; they import. The basis for what I am about to describe is two part. First, over the past 46 years, I have purchased many cars, new and used (probably about 30) but I have never had an experience like this one with Alex, the proprietor of Nagoya Motors. The second is that I have been a strategic account salesman in the IT industry for thirty seven years, so I know a good / excellent salesman/sales experience from a poor one. I say 5 Star because that's a little easier to come at than 100/100.

The trade in - my trade in was a 96 Series 1 in which the fuel pump had died. I really didn't want to invest in a replacement but I still wanted to realise some of its value. I contacted Alex, having seen his range on the net through Carsales.com. He asked me what I wanted for it ($2,500 - $3,000) and asked me to text him a couple photos. He got back to me immediately and said he would do it at $2,500, trusting my word as to its actual condition. He then had to arrange a tow from Terrigal to Caringbah - $600, at his cost. Because of a misunderstanding on the part of the tow company, it still hadn't arrived when I got to his yard several days later to look at the one I had chosen on the net. Again, trusting my word re the trade-in's condition, he did the deal (a blind date, he called it) sight unseen. It wasn't as though we were dealing with an inflated price on the one I wanted to buy. It is a 2002 Mont Blanc in pristine condition with only 64,000 Ks on it.

When it arrived two days later, I sent him a text telling him that now he had seen it (I assumed) if he wasn't happy, I wouldn't hold him to the deal. He actually hadn't seen it as it went straight to the workshop to have the fuel pump replaced; but he said he was happy.

When I went to pick up the car on the Saturday, the car I was using blew a timing belt and it was 7pm when I finally got there, bank cheque in hand. Alex was at a family function, which he left, to come do the handover.

Four days later I realised I had left the papers (rego etc.) on his desk and rang to follow up. He said he had sent them the previous day and sure enough they arrived in the mail that day.

I've had one other exceptional experience buying a car. In the 1980s there was a guy working at City Ford who had the nick name Tough Ted. I bought a new LTD from him (I didn't know any better back then). The entire deal, including trade-in, leasing and extras took 50 minutes. When he asked me if there was anything else and I said no, he told me to go get my cheque book. He was brutal but awesome. Alex on the other hand was Teflon coated - crisp, professional, honest and in his own way, awesome.

He also imports Infinity Skylines and I intend, based on this experience, to buy one from him in the near future.


David Brock